App Dev 3: 30+ Ways To Make Your Mobile App A Success

May 6, 2013 in App Development

iPhone App DevelopmentI’ve only been working on my app project for a couple of weeks now but I have been thinking about it for much longer than that! Since then, I’ve been keeping notes of things that will come in useful when I start building my app. For this post, I thought I’d share the resources I’m using or will possibly use in the future as I attempt to build a successful app development business.

Over time, I will be making updates to this list as I discover more resources that I think you’ll find helpful in your own app development journey!

Source Codes with Video Tutorials

I am following the practice of reskinning apps. It keeps costs down and I don’t have to know programming. However, there are a few technical related tasks where a little help can go a long way. The following tutorials will help you get started in app development and reskinning. The first course on the list includes a game source code along with the video tutorials that can help you get your first app into the Apple App Store. And in the world of reskinning, the price is extremely low. The Jelly Flow course below is the video instruction and source code for an app that I am personally reskinning at the moment. There are intro videos on each course below that I think you should check out.

Make Your Own iPhone Game in One Day Without Coding (includes Pinball game code)

Make & Publish Your Own iPhone Jelly Flow Game (includes Jelly Flow clone game code)

Reskin Your Own Candy Crush Game (includes Candy Crush clone game code)


These are the podcasts I listen to when I commute back and forth to work. I’ve learned tons of information in the many hours I’ve spent in my car. These are not the only podcasts I listen to but they are the ones that are related to my goal of building an app business.

Mobile App Chat Podcast by Steve P. Young

The iPhone App Experiment Podcast by Dennis Bowles

Mobile App Tycoon Podcast by Thomas Strock

App Store Optimization Podcast by Gabriel Machuret

Mixergy by Andrew Warner


These are the websites I read to learn more about mobile app development. There are a lot of interesting stories and strategies to be learned from these guys. (formerly

App Store Research

This is where we get into the behind-the-scenes aspects of app development. Use these sites to learn about app rankings and marketing. Discover your competitor’s keywords and use that information to help you build a marketing plan to try to outrank them.

Hiring Programmers and Graphic Designers

Mobile App Templates and Pre-Built Assets

These sites can provide inspiration or provide a complete theme for your app. If you don’t want to hire a designer, many of these sites sell pre-built elements you can drop right into your app! There are even object elements like characters, space ships, etc. to build games with! But you might run the risk of another game using the same objects.

Even though I’m proficient in Photoshop and After Effects, I will eventually buy graphics or hire a designer to do custom work for me in the future.

GameSalad Marketplace

App Icon Template

Flickr – Icon Examples

Pixel Resort

Premium Pixels

Graphics for Games


My App Templates

Naomi Atkinson Products


Code Canyon


Sound FX and Music

If you want to develop games, music and sound effects play a huge role in the user experience. This is a collection of sites where you can find sound effects and music loops for your apps! Audio isn’t just for games though. You might want a sound to play when a user presses a button or performs some other action in your user interface.

Audio Jungle

Buy Stock Sound

Theme Forest


Buy and Sell Existing Apps

Another option in the app business is buying pre-developed apps and selling them as your own! These sites offer a marketplace for buyers and sellers of mobile apps. Now you don’t even have to go through the steps of developing an app from scratch! There are people who have turn-key solutions for you!



Your Thoughts?

I hope you can make use of some of the resources in this article.  This list will continually be changing and if you have a resource that you think should be added to the list, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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