App Dev 7: Reskinning My First iOS App Source Code

December 31, 2013 in App Development, Mobile Apps

iPhone-App-DevelopmentAfter a 2 month delay trying to register my company in the Apple Developer Program, my application was finally accepted! If you’re interested in the process I went through as well as all the email communications I had with Dun & Bradstreet and Apple Dev Support, click here to read my previous app development post.

This is an exciting time because I am very close to finishing my first iOS app. Earlier this year, this goal of mine seemed like it would never happen or would cost tons of money. But by going the route of reskinning apps, I only spent $99 on this project. My original budget was $500 because that’s what I thought I had to spend at a minimum!

For now, I’m moving forward and completing the reskin of my first app. I had originally bought two source codes to reskin:

Both of these codes are from Austin Church over at I started with Best Jokes because the Viva Stampede code is still being updated to be universal (for iPhone and iPad) and compatible for iOS7. The Jokes app is a very simple one because I could use a lot of the existing graphics in it. However, I wanted my app to look completely different so I changed all the graphic files in the app.

iTunes Connect Screenshot

Complete customization of this source code was more work than I originally thought. Overall, there were more graphic files and time needed to do a complete custom look. All the buttons and backgrounds needed 2 (and sometimes 3) versions for all the different devices and resolutions. I’m proficient in Photoshop but even then, I felt like it took longer than I expected. Part of it could be that I’m just new to the whole app development thing. I’m having to figure everything out as I go along.

How I Did It Without Hiring a Programmer

I’m not a programmer and don’t know anything about Objective C. But I do know that I could not have realistically reskinned this app without the help of a video course I found on The course is called Reskin an iOS App from Start to Finish with a Text Generator taught by Justin Malik.

iOS App Submission

This course contained the exact instructions I needed to complete the reskin of this exact source code on my own without the help of a programmer. I don’t think I could’ve finished my app without these super helpful videos. Everyone says the Jokes source code is easy to reskin but there were so many parts to the reskin process that  I don’t know how any newbie could do it without instructions!

The upload process was complicated enough! But the course also walked me through that process. Like I said, the course is specific to the Jokes app but can be used as a very helpful guide for almost any app reskin project. So thanks to Justin for creating Reskin an iOS App from Start to Finish with a Text Generator.

Jokes Source Code Reskin Course 400 pix

As a disclaimer, I was given a copy of Justin’s course for evaluation. However, you can still do what I did for under $200 with source code and instructions! After that, you can continue to make more app versions with the same source code and video course. I’m already making plans for the next app with this source code with no other costs involved.

Yesterday, I prepped the source code for distribution and then uploaded it to Apple for approval. As long as there are no issues flagged by Apple, I will complete my goal of developing an iOS app this year! My app development goal is almost complete!