App Dev 8: My First iOS App is Live in the Apple App Store

January 6, 2014 in App Development, Mobile Apps

Fortune Cookie Reader App IconIt seems like it was ages ago when I started the process of developing an iPhone app but I can proudly say that I have accomplished it! My first iOS app has been approved and is now available on the Apple App Store. Right from the beginning, there was a major delay that took 2 months to resolve regarding the registration of my company with Apple. You can read all about my ordeal here.

But shortly after that, I started working on my app and finished it without having to hire a programmer. I was able to do this by buying and reskinning an existing source code. My app is called Fortune Cookie Reader and it’s a very simple app that generates a few lines of text in a designated area of the screen. It’s also a universal app for iPhone, iPad and Retina devices.

Fortune Cookie Reader is available free in the app store. If you get a chance, please download here on the iTunes App Store and let me know what you think! This app basically displays fortune messages like you’d find in a typical fortune cookie. I created all the graphics myself and curated all the fortune messages.

You might be asking how I’m giving this app away for free? This app is fully monetized with ad networks and several In App Purchases. This is how I plan on publishing all my apps… under the freemium pricing model. I figure I’ll get more downloads if the app is free. Then I’ll let all the internal monetization do the work.

As far as app store optimization (ASO) goes, I used Straply and Sensor Tower to do some keyword research. I’m a total newbie when it comes to ASO but I used my SEO experience to help me in this area. I’m not sure if my limited research is going to be effective but I’m constantly learning.

Fortune Cookie Reader was launched on December 16, 2013 and it got approved just before the App Store freeze during the Christmas holidays. This is a period where Apple won’t accept any new apps or updates.

Fortune Cookie Reader App Screenshots

You can check out the app in the App Store where you can see all the screenshots I created. You can also check out my webpage for marketing the app. I also created a promo video that I uploaded to YouTube for marketing purposes. I plan on making a few more videos to generate more awareness of my app.

In the end, the topic I chose for my app makes this an evergreen app. Meaning that the content within the app is relevant and up to date for a very long time to come. At this time, I am starting to work on my next app based on the same source code. The next time around, I’ll be able to complete the reskin process much faster!