Got My First Sale On Nook Press

April 23, 2013 in Nook Press

Nook Press Self PublishingNook Press is a new platform I’m using to sell my self-published books. It is much like publishing for Amazon’s Kindle. Both are electronic formats and both have dedicated document readers including apps for customers to read these electronic books even if they don’t own the devices from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. So in my quest to expand my readership, I recently uploaded my first book to Nook Press.

As far as I know, Barnes & Noble doesn’t offer free giveaways like Amazon does. I usually do free book giveaways on Amazon to generate more buzz. But without that feature, I had to do something different with my Nook book. So this first book is in a niche where I’m amassing quite a few Twitter followers. With only one week left in April, I wanted to get as many sales as I can to get initiated into this new platform. So on the first day my book was available on the Nook, I made one sale!

First Nook Book Sale

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged into my account this morning. I was thinking it might be a few weeks before I get any sales. So what I did was schedule a series of automated Tweets through Hootsuite. It’s only the 2nd day that my book has been on sale but when April is over, I will have sent out a total of 50 Tweets to my followers. So in these first 2 days, I got 4 clicks to my book sales page at the Nook book store. I even got a re-Tweet shortly after my first Tweet was sent out.

Nook Book Click Statistics

I can’t necessarily tell if one of the people that clicked on my link actually bought the book but I think it’s a good chance since the book was only available for about 24 hours.

Even if I only get a few sales each month, it’s better than nothing. It didn’t cost me anything to add my book to the Nook store and as I add more books, I would imagine that sales can only go up! Also, I think it’s a good idea to diversify the markets where I can sell my books. Not everyone owns a Kindle or Nook and not everyone wants to read books in ebook format. With all the free tools available for publishers, there’s no reason not to get your books out there in front of an audience!