How To Monetize Multiple YouTube Channels With One Adsense Account

June 6, 2013 in Tutorials, YouTube

Monetize Multiple YouTube ChannelsI have had the opportunity to monetize my YouTube channels for quite some time now. Up until recently, I haven’t really looked into how to do it. I figured it would be easy to do but the challenge I found was how to monetize all my YouTube channels with only one Adsense account? Monetizing YouTube channels requires an Adsense account from Google before you can start earning. When I created my YouTube channels years ago, I didn’t even have an Adsense account. And when I did create my Adsense account, it was completely a completely new account that wasn’t associated to any YouTube channel.

Here’s how I monetized 3 of my YouTube channels with a single Adsense account. (I’m assuming you’ve already gotten approval from YouTube to monetize your channel and have gone through the steps to activate monetization)

Step 1

Sign into your YouTube account. When logged in, click on your user icon on the top right of the window. You’ll see a list of options drop down.

Step 2

monetize multiple youtube channels 1

Click on Video Manager

Step 3

monetize multiple youtube channels 2

On the next screen, you’ll see your YouTube Dashboard controls. Click on Channel Settings

Step 4

monetize multiple youtube channels 3

Next, click on Monetization.

Step 5

monetize multiple youtube channels 4

When you’re on the Monetization page, click on How Will I Get Paid towards the bottom of the list.

Step 6

monetize multiple youtube channels 5

You’ll see some text expand from your selection. Now click on Associate an Adsense Account.

Step 7

monetize multiple youtube channels 6

Now you’ll be asked to be redirected to your Adsense account and take the necessary steps to link your accounts. Click Next.

Step 8

monetize multiple youtube channels 7

This is where you will choose an Adsense account for your YouTube channel. Because I’m signed into YouTube, it’s asking me if I want to associate my current (logged in) Google account with YouTube. I do not want to do that. Instead, click on the blue button at the bottom that says Use a Different or New Google Account.

Step 9


On the next screen, you will either sign into your Adsense account or create a new Google account. I want to link my existing Adsense account so I’ll click on Yes, proceed to Google Account sign in.

Step 10


Now you will be taken to the Google login page. You will need to click Sign out and sign in as a different user to log into your Adsense account.

Step 11


On the next page, confirm the URL on line that says I will show ads on to make sure you are monetizing the correct YouTube channel. Set your language and then read the program policies. Check that you’ve read the policies and click Accept association.

Step 12


Now the page will redirect back to YouTube. This is where you’ll have to log back into the YouTube channel that is going to be monetized. Google displays the email login name (blurred above) you need to use. Click Next.

Step 13


After you click Next, you’ll need to log into your YouTube account like you normally would do. Click Sign in.

Step 14


The next page that shows up confirms that you are approved and that your Adsense association is complete.


If you have other YouTube channels to monetize with one Adsense account, just repeat the steps above for all your YouTube channels. I have several YouTube channels that cater to different niches which is the reason I have multiple accounts. Following this method allows me to now start making some money off of my videos.