My April 2013 Income Report

May 1, 2013 in Goals, Income Reports

Welcome to my April 2013 income report! This is the place where I report how much I make each month through my various online projects. I post my income reports here so that I can keep track of my progress and so that I can look back and see how I’m doing over time.

April was another record setting month! My efforts this year have finally allowed me to break the $500 barrier! For a long time, I never thought this would happen and now I’m half way towards my goal of reaching $1000/month (or $35/day) by the end of the year. In this report, I’m excited to share record breaking sales from Createspace publishing and also see how I did with a new publishing platform over at Barnes & Noble.

I didn’t do a whole lot in terms of any of my online business but was able to maintain and grow my income a little bit. May is going to be a great month because I plan on publishing a new book and trying out a few more things. I’m happy to see that every small thing I do starts adding up! Let’s get to the details!

Kindle Publishing

Again, I didn’t publish any new Kindle books in April but I do have another one that is just about ready. This is one area I really need to ramp up. Book publishing is one of my largest sources of income and I need to keep building it up. The main reason is that a few days ago, I announced that I will be developing an iPhone app and will be using my passive income from publishing to pay for a developer. Here’s how I did with Kindle books in April.

  • Total: $109.29
    • Last Month: $175.85
    • Difference: (-$66.56)

There was a slump in Kindle sales for April. For some reason, the month started out with no sales for the first 4 days and it was painful watching one sale here and there. Usually it’s a bit more exciting looking at my reports. However, this is still one of the best passive income streams I have.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates earnings remain on the backburner because I do nothing to actively promote products. I have one website which I haven’t updated in awhile that has quite a few Amazon affiliate links from articles product reviews. I would like to work more on that site but publishing books has taken my attention away from that site for the moment.

  • Total: $28.11
    • Last Month: $38.50
    • Difference: (-$10.39)

My Amazon earnings also took a dip last month. That’s ok because promoting Amazon products isn’t really a priority for me but I like how it adds a little every month.


Nothing happening with Clickbank sales this month. I almost forgot about it until I started writing this income report.

  • Total: $0.00
    • Last Month: $0.00
    • Difference: ($0.00)

I’m not surprised about having zero sales this month as this is the norm.

Banner Ads

My Adsense earnings were almost identical to last month. I’m not building any new niche sites but I’m glad I’m making a little from Google ads. I’m just happy if I can keep my Adsense earnings at a steady level for now.

  • Total: $83.95
    • Last Month: $79.99
    • Difference: (+$3.96)

I did notice that one of my sites has hit number 3 in Google with just over 300 visitors a day at the end of April. Seeing that, I inserted Adsense ads on that site. I’m not sure how that will do but I’ll be curious to see at the end of the month. I’m also going to monetize my YouTube channels with Adsense this month. I have several videos that have between 30,000 to 100,000 views. The rest only have a few hundred views. Unfortunately, none of my videos were monetized when I got those views!

I mostly post review type videos. I enjoy shooting them and I try to make a review video with every gadget that I buy.

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network picked up this month and I sort of expected that. The product I’m promoting is in the wedding industry and I assume the small increase is because wedding season is in full swing. However, I got an email from Google saying that they are eliminating the Google Affiliate Network in June. I need to contact the company whose products I’m promoting to see what they will do with their affiliates after June.

  • Total: $42.00
    • Last month: $12.00
    • Difference (+$30.00)

April was much better than prior months. But I think the site using the Google Affiliate Network (GAN) could become a zero earner in June if there is no affiliate replacement when GAN goes offline.

Createspace Publishing

Createspace has become my all-time best performer so far! Everyone keeps talking about making money with Kindle books but my results show that customers still want print books. My plan going forward is to offer both print and Kindle versions of all my books. This means I need to write longer books so that the print versions will have a decent number of pages to them.

  • Total: $234.64
    • Last Month: $163.05
    • Difference: (+$71.59)

This month, I sold twice as many print books as I did Kindle books. However, my Kindle sales took a bit of a drop this month. I’ll never know why but I’m convinced that print books are still king and I’m glad Amazon offers an easy way for independent publishers to sell physical books online.

Nook Press

In April, I added a new income stream to my publishing portfolio from Barnes & Noble. B&N recently revamped their PubIt! platform and renamed it Nook Press. It’s an ebook publishing platform similar to Amazon’s KDP. I almost had an issue selling one of my books at B&N but you can read more about what happened on this post. Like any new service, it took some time to get the hang of it. I had to almost completely reformat my book for the Nook. My book officially went on sale about 1.5 weeks before the end of the month. To help discoverability and awareness, I sent out a major Twitter campaign to my followers. Unfortunately, that didn’t really help sales as you’ll see in the numbers below.

  • Total: $2.59
    • Last Month: N/A
    • Difference: N/A

I think I only got one sale from all my Tweets. That first sale came within 24 hours of my first Tweet. Hopefully over time, the book will gain more readers. I have two more books waiting to be converted to Nook Press. These three books are part of a series so when all of them are available at B&N, I’m optimistic that sales will go up!


Udemy has also been a slow mover for me. My first course is called How to Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers and has less than 20 subscribers. I am however, getting feedback from one of my students that will help me improve the course in the future. I also launched a second Udemy course that is priced at $97 but I’m giving it away for free with coupons. I posted 2 messages on Reddit with a free coupon code but that only got me 4 subscribers. I also sent out another Twitter campaign for this course and it got me about 3 subscribers. But that’s ok. I still have an email list to promote this course to also in the next few days.

  • Total: $29.80
    • Last Month: $28.10
    • Difference: (+$1.70)

My second course is one that I really don’t mind giving away for free because I’m using it to build a list of buyers that I will sell future courses to. Udemy is kinda like a list building service where you can send announcements to students who are subscribed to a certain course. I’ve seen many people announce offers and products that they sell outside of Udemy.

It’s also worth noting that I’m not selling any of my courses at full price. Customers are either using my coupons or universal coupons that Udemy promotes through their email list.


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for April for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $109.29
  • Amazon Associates: $28.11
  • Clickbank: $0.00
  • Banner Ads: $83.95
  • Google Affiliate Network: $42.00
  • Createspace: $234.64
  • Nook Press: $2.59
  • Udemy: $29.80

Total this month: $530.38

  • Last month total: $497.49
  • Difference: (+$32.89)

Total earnings per day: $17.68

  • Last month earnings per day: $16.05
  • Difference: (+$1.63)

This is my second highest month ever! I’m now half-way to my goal for 2013! A few more changes are in store for next month. At this point, I need to increase $100/month if I want to reach my goal.

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That’s it for now. I never know if my income will be up or down but be sure to come back and get an update next month!