My April 2014 Income Report

May 23, 2014 in Income Reports

Monthly Income ReportWelcome to my latest passive income report. I’m proud to say I broke another record and reached a major milestone in April! It wasn’t easy getting to this point because for a long time, my earnings were very disappointing and that made it hard to continue when I wasn’t generating the kind of results I wanted. At this point, my earnings are not spectacular but I can see that if I continue to be productive, my online income will continue to rise as it has over the past year.

New App Launch

Penguin Match iPhone App logoI’ve been very slow to reskin any apps lately so I’m glad to say that I finally have a new app release. My latest app is called Penguin Match and it’s also my first game app. This one wasn’t too hard to reskin but it still had a lot of graphics in it. When I first submitted it to Apple for approval, it got rejected. There was an error in the source code where iPad users couldn’t complete any In App Purchases. Luckily, I bought my source code from Udemy that came with full instructions. The videos that came with the source code were an integral part of how I was able to make this app without a developer.

However, equally as important was the discussion section in this course. When my app was rejected, I was able to ask a question inside the course and got help from a few people. One of the other students was able to help me correct the issue in a very simple way. Once I made the changes and resubmitted the app, it got approved and now my 4th app is live in the app store!

Penguin Match Screenshots

New Book Release

Along with the release of my app, I also published a new book for Kindle and Createspace. I hired writer on Elance to work on this book. I chose this person because of some of his responses to my questions prior to awarding him the job. However, when he started on the project, I realized that he wasn’t the actual writer. I’m pretty sure he just finds projects and then contracts those projects to another person. The final manuscript was not the best but at least most of the content was there.

For this particular book topic, I’m not sure many people would’ve been able to write on it in the amount of detail I want. That’s because I’ve already written 3 books on the same topic and I already know the topic inside out. However, I don’t really want to write books anymore so that’s why I hired this out. This book was originally written in January but it wasn’t until now that I went through it and made all my edits to it and creating the covers. I haven’t done anything to promote the book yet so sales are really low… almost non-existent.

Why I Haven’t Been Posting Much Lately

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t really posted any regular blog posts lately except for my Income Reports. That’s because I’ve been busy exploring other sources of income and testing out new online projects. Much of my time has been spent building and designing video templates for app developers. I have about 4 of them but only one of them is complete and on the market. It’s been a good test and that’s why I’m pursuing the template industry a bit more lately. It’s been very satisfying to work on and it’s an area I have a lot of interest in especially because I’m a professional motion graphic designer. I’m excited to pursue this industry further this year. The mobile app space has a lot of potential and I’m working to find my niche in this area.

That’s all I have to report and I’m sure you’re ready to see the numbers for April. Let’s get to it!

Kindle Publishing

  • Total: $144.34
    • Last Month: $194.45
    • Difference (-$50.11)

Amazon Associates

  • Total: $68.71
    • Last Month: $49.13
    • Difference: (+$19.58)

Banner Ads

  • Total: $42.79
    • Last Month: $42.08
    • Difference: (+$0.71)


  • Total: $63.26
    • Last Month: $55.57
    • Difference: (+$7.69)

Createspace Publishing

  • Total: $213.21
    • Last Month: $268.62
    • Difference: (-$55.41)


  • Total: $132.25
    • Last Month: $109.75
    • Difference: (-$22.50)


  • Total: $0.00
    • Last Month: $46.80
    • Difference: (-$46.80)

Mobile Apps

  • Total: $160.78
    • Last Month: $51.96
    • Difference: (+$108.82)

Template Sales

  • Total: $139.10
    • Last Month: $122.21
    • Difference: (+$16.89)

Camera Rental

  • Total: $200.00
    • Last Month: $N/A
    • Difference: (+$200.00)


Here’s a snapshot of my April totals for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $144.34
  • Amazon Associates: $68.71
  • Banner Ads: $42.79
  • YouTube: $63.26
  • Createspace: $213.21
  • Udemy: $132.25
  • Mobile Apps: 160.78
  • Template Sales: $139.10
  • Camera Rental: $200.00

Total this month: $1171.50

  • Last month total: $950.14
  • Difference: (+$221.36)

Total earnings per day: $39.05

  • Last month earnings per day: $30.64
  • Difference: (+$8.41)

I Hit 4-Figures This Month!

In April I finally reached the goal I wanted to reach at the end of 2013. I missed my deadline by 4 months but I’m proud to say I am now in 4-figure income now with my business! One thing I need to clarify, all of it was online income except for the camera rental.

By day, I’m a professional video producer and occasionally I have friends who are also producers that rent my Canon 7D. Since I don’t use my camera much, I sometimes rent my camera out to people who need it for their projects. So this rental income didn’t come from online but it was passive income. It was a two day rental with my camera, optical viewfinder and pistol grip. I’m happy to rent it out to people I know and it helps re-coup the costs of this expensive DSLR that I hardly ever use.

That’s it for now. See you next month!

How to Get Started Reskinning Apps

Since I don’t know how to program, I decided to get into the area of reskinning apps. The costs are much, much lower than developing an app from scratch. And I do it without hiring a developer or graphic designer. I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now and have 3 apps in the Apple app store.

The way I did it was buying source codes that have video courses that accompany them. This is the way to go when starting out! Since I had no idea what I was doing, the reskinning courses were perfect for me. I just finished my 4th app and feel pretty comfortable now. I still don’t know everything but I could not have done it without video instruction. In fact, I have to go back and watch the video tutorials every time I reskin those source codes.

My latest app Penguin Match is based on the popular Free Flow or Jelly Flow game. This one is called Jellow and it’s a fun and addicting game. The source code comes complete with video instruction and can be found here.

Jelly Flow App Source Code and Video Course for Reskinning

I knew I had to get this source code and reskin this app because I couldn’t put the game down after I started playing. I had to keep solving the puzzles and get to the next levels. This source code has 3 ad networks already built in for monetization… just replace the app IDs with yours. It also has 8 “In-App-Purchases” that range from $0.99 to $14.99 for more opportunities to make money. The videos tell you exactly what to do from the standpoint of someone who has never built an app before. It starts from the very beginning from setting up your accounts with Apple to setting up your devices for testing. You’ll be able to go from knowing nothing about app development to publishing your first app.

If you want an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to get into app development, the Jellow source code and video course is the method I recommend! The source code includes an unlimited license so you can develop this code over and over again with different themes with no additional fees. It’s a great way to try your hand at app development without breaking the bank.