My August 2013 Income Report

September 7, 2013 in Goals, Income Reports

Welcome to my August 2013 income report! This is where I total up how much I earn each month through my various online projects. I post my income reports here to keep track of my progress so I can look back and see how I’m doing on the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

Another Amazing Month!

I was a bit worried that my August earnings was going to take a bit of a nose dive! But after looking at everything, I’m quite satisfied with my totals. In fact, I’m really amazed at the final total considering I did nothing in August to add new income to my portfolio. That’s partly because I took a one week vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon right at the beginning of the month and after that, I hit a spell of laziness. But how could I get my head back into work after being around scenery like this?

Cannon Beach sunset

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

That photo was from the first night I was there. Now that I’m back, I’m a little disappointed that I just kinda let August go by without doing any work on my business. After all, I made it a point to complete one major project each month that could potentially add to my monthly income. I stuck to that goal until August. But now, I’m ready to start on one of my bigger goals for this year and that’s the one where I build my first iPhone/iPad app.

As a preparation step to my first app, I created a Udemy course called How to Create Top Ranking Mobile App Icons. It’s for app developers and graphic designers and includes a several Photoshop templates to make it easy to create great looking icons. With these templates, anyone can make a great looking icon in about 5 minutes. Keep reading for a special coupon to get 50% off the course!

This course is going to really help me out because the strategy I’m employing for my app business is something called “reskinning”. Basically, what it entails is purchasing source code of successful apps and changing out all the graphics and sounds. Thus the term “reskinning”. This will all be explained in my App Dev blog post series.

13 inch MacBook Pro 8GB

For now, I bought a new MacBook Pro and purchased my first source code. It looks a bit intimidating because this is all new to me but I’m sure in a few weeks, I’ll figure it all out.

One thing that I did have to do in August is sign up for Commission Junction. The reason is that the Google Affiliate Network has shut down and I had to switch affiliate programs for the advertiser I’m promoting on one of my websites. I didn’t sign up for CJ until late in the month but I probably would’ve made more money if I got this all taken care of right at the beginning of the month. So my site went about 3 weeks without any monetization but now it’s back and running!

Sales from my print books on Createspace really helped pick up the slack this month as revenues from other sources were down. I sold 124 print books in August. That’s the most I’ve ever sold! As you’ll see below, print sales makes up a large chunk of my income.

One last thing I want to note is that I finally got a couple of sales on Nook Press. This is the first time since April that I’ve sold a book there. I might take my only book off there and re-enroll it back into Amazon’s KDP Select program because I know I’ll get more borrows from the book at Amazon than I will sales from Nook Press. Now let’s get to the income report!

Kindle Publishing

  • Total: $184.40
    • Last Month: $217.50
    • Difference (-$33.10)

Amazon Associates

  • Total: $27.95
    • Last Month: $28.98
    • Difference: (-$1.03)

Banner Ads

  • Total: $96.14
    • Last Month: $109.42
    • Difference: (-$13.28)


  • Total: $48.39
    • Last Month: $36.56
    • Difference: (-$11.83)

Commission Junction

  • Total: $15.60
    • Last month: $n/a
    • Difference: (n/a)

Createspace Publishing

  • Total: $322.41
    • Last Month: $182.88
    • Difference: (+$139.53)

Nook Press

  • Total: $5.18
    • Last Month: $0.00
    • Difference: (+$5.18)


  • Total: $105.45
    • Last Month: $166.40
    • Difference: (-$60.95)


Here’s a snapshot of my August totals for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $184.40
  • Amazon Associates: $27.95
  • Banner Ads: $96.14
  • YouTube: 48.39
  • Commission Junction: $15.60
  • Createspace: $322.41
  • Nook Press: $5.18
  • Udemy: $105.45

Total this month: $805.52

  • Last month total: $806.74
  • Difference: (-$1.22)

Total earnings per day: $25.99

  • Last month earnings per day: $26.03
  • Difference: (-$0.04)

Again, fantastic results from August! I’m still holding at the level I was at last month and staying above $800! I’m going to reinvest what I’m making into the first few apps I’m going to develop. By getting a few apps in the Apple App Store, I’m hoping to achieve my goal of reaching $1000/month in passive income. August was the first month this year where I could see my work paying off because I didn’t do anything in terms of building my business and I still got about the same results as the previous month.

Plans for the Rest of the Year?

With only 4 months left in the year, I’m concentrating my work on developing my first iOS app. My real deadline is end of November so I can have an app ready for the Christmas season. However, with my strategy of reskinning apps, I believe I can realistically have 3 apps in the app store by the end of the year.

I’m fully invested into this plan now. I just spent $1500 on my MacBook Pro and about another $400 on the app source code. I need to make this work! There are going to be a few more expenses before my first app is finished but I’ll tackle them as I go along. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun learning experience.

My Latest Udemy Course

Up until now, app development has just been a goal written down on paper. However, I’ve started working towards making my first app a reality. I’ve actually taken the first step by creating app icon templates for my apps when I start to produce apps. To help other developers or graphic designers out, I created a course called How to Create Top Ranking Mobile App Icons that includes video tutorials and the exact icon templates I will be using for my apps.

How To Create Top Ranking Mobile App Icons

Click here to take a look at the promo video to see what this course is all about. The course is normally $97 but for Freelance Doodle readers, you can use the following coupon code to get this course for only $47:


Just copy and paste the coupon here and the discount will be applied immediately. You don’t have to be an app developer to take the course. If you’re a graphic designer, you can use the templates and training to start an icon design business!

That’s it for now. I never know if my income will be up or down but be sure to come back and get an update next month!