My Business Goals for 2013

March 10, 2013 in Goals

I’ve been meaning to launch Freelance Doodle since January but never got around to it until now. But since it’s still early in the year, I thought I’d start out with my goals for 2013 in my first post. After all, this site is meant to be a journal of my online business activities so I can go back over my notes and learn from what was successful and what was not.

Freelance Doodle

The reason why I didn’t get to building this site out was because I was preparing the launch of my 2nd virtual product. I had been working on and off of it for the past year and slowly it reached completion with a big effort to finish it at the end of 2012. I finally completed this project and launched it in mid-January. I’ve found that creating my own products is much more enjoyable than creating multiple niche websites. And this leads me to my goals for 2013.

Virtual Products

This year, I hope to create more virtual products to add to my portfolio. My previous products were built upon the Profits Theme platform which facilitates the creation of paid membership sites. Even though I’m an experienced WordPress user, I still have some trouble setting up this theme properly. I eventually figure it out but not without a lot of trial and error. And occasionally I’ll have a customer email me about a problem they’re having after payment. Even so, Profits Theme helps me link to Clickbank as my payment gateway and I really like that integration.

With that said, I have decided to move to a new hosted platform for my products. That platform is

Make money with Udemy

Udemy is a place where instructors can create free and paid online video courses. As a matter of fact, I just published my first Udemy course about 2 hours ago and the process was pretty painless. Much easier than creating a membership course using my previous method. In fact, Udemy pays through Paypal and hosts my videos and files for me without having to use a third party video player or separate file storage like Amazon S3.

Because Udemy is so easy to use, I plan on creating 4 more training courses this year. I already know 3 of the courses I want to create. I’ll come up with the last one later this year. That makes a total of 5 courses to be launched.

Kindle Books

Last year, I released 3 Kindle books and they have been the most successful products I’ve created. They also produce the most passive income out of anything I’ve done online so far! I plan to continue publishing Kindle books for the foreseeable future.

Make money with Kindle books

This year, my goal is to publish 5 more Kindle books. In addition, I also plan to turn those Kindle books into print books as well. This is easily done using Createspace… a subsidiary of Amazon. I already have some experience with this because a couple of weeks ago, I released my original 3 Kindle ebooks as physical books and they have generated extra income with little effort… That’s because I just re-purposed the content into a different medium and is definitely paying off!


Writing books takes significant time commitment. I wrote my first 3 Kindle books myself and while I thoroughly enjoyed the subject, it still took quite a bit of time to complete. That’s why I will be hiring ghostwriters for my next 5 books. In fact, I’ve already had my first book written by a ghostwriter this month. The process was easy and I got the completed book within 2 weeks. The place I found my writer was on Elance. More on this subject in future posts.

iPhone App

In contrast to working on projects I’m familiar with, I also plan on developing my first iPhone app this year. This is new territory for me! I don’t know how to code and I’ve never hired a programmer before. But this isn’t going to stop me from completing this goal. I don’t have many details on this project at the moment but I do have an idea for an app that I’m going to test out first before I hire a developer.

Freelance Doodle Site

I am just launching this site but I hope to document all my business activities here. This will be done with articles and videos. I also hope to build an audience from the freelance community who will find my notes useful.

Income Goal

Of course I’m not just putting all those projects on my to do list just for fun! With the income that can be generated by completing the projects listed above, I hope to reach $35 a day in passive income. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s much easier said than done. Why only $35 a day? When you add that up, it equates to just over $1000 a month… A goal I wanted to reach last year but didn’t. I’m already putting much more effort into my business now than I did last year.  I just hope the effort generates results!


In a nutshell, this is what I plan to accomplish in 2013:

  • Launch 5 virtual products on Udemy
  • Publish 5 Kindle books
  • Publish 5 Createspace books
  • Outsource the writing for my Kindle books
  • Launch an iPhone app
  • Develop the site
  • Achieve $35 a day in passive income

It will be interesting to look back at this post in January 2014 to see if I accomplish my set goals. Maybe I’ll fall short, maybe I’ll over-achieve. Time will tell. I do know that sometimes I procrastinate and that really slows down my progress. However, I believe that outsourcing some of my goals will really help! What do you think? Are these goals achievable? Let me know in the comments.