My December 2015 Income Report

January 4, 2016 in Income Reports

Monthly Income Report

I finally did it! In December of 2015 I broke the $1000.00 threshold! Not by much but I did it. The holiday shopping season had a lot to do with it so I don’t expect next month to be the same. My Amazon affiliate income and book sales were the highest they’ve ever been all year. I kept watching my Amazon Associates grow in December and knew early on it would be better than in earlier months. I have 2 websites solely dedicated to Amazon Associates and I’m glad I built them. One of them is built out to several pages while the other one is barely up and running with 2 pages but it is getting sales. I plan to build the second one up a bit more this year.

I have finished a new iPhone app but I’m having problems with errors. Not sure why since this is the exact same source code I’ve been using. I suspect it may have to do with the iOS 9 update. Anyways, I don’t have the time or interest to continue in app development so I hope to get this one approved and I’ll be done. Today I just uploaded a 3rd version for approval. If this one gets rejected again, I’ll have to hire someone from to help me out since I’m not a programmer.

I also released a new book in December. This book is in an entirely new niche and it is the first book in a new non-fiction series. Usually when I launch a book, I use book promotion websites that promote my free books for free. This requires logging in and entering my book info many times. For this book launch, I decided to use a $5 Fiverr gig to promote my free days. Actually I only promoted the first free day and decided to see how the other 2 free days would turn out without promotion. The book was free a total of 3 days. Here are the results:

Day 1 – 435 downloads

Day 2 – 179 downloads

Day 3 – 152 downloads

Those are not huge numbers but I’m happy because right now my book is ranked in the low 20s in two categories and I got one organic 5 star review out of it. I’m currently writing the next book in the series and hope to have it done and launched at the end of January.

YouTube videos have become part of my regular routine now. It’s really the part of my business that I enjoy the most. It’s easy for me to do and definitely the area where I have the unfair advantage over most YouTubers because of my broadcast production experience. Here’s my latest video review I made for the ViDi LCD Action Camera.

That’s about it for now. Let’s get to the income report!


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $130.88
  • Amazon Associates: $306.21
  • Banner Ads: $4.21
  • YouTube: $54.16
  • Createspace: $438.60
  • Udemy: $16.50
  • Linkshare: $0.00
  • Mobile Apps: $130.35
  • Template Sales: $11.20

Total this month: $1092.11

  • Last month total: $789.91
  • Difference: (+$302.20)

Total earnings per day: $35.22

Want to Make Money by Self-Publishing?

If you read my income reports regularly, you might have noticed where the majority of my income comes from. It’s from self-publishing! This has become one of the main areas I focus on these days. I’ve tried lots of different ways to make money online and publishing has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.

There are many reasons that self-publishing fits into my business plan but among the top reasons are:

  • Easy to write
  • Can hire writers
  • I can create covers myself
  • Little to no maintenance

While those tasks are enjoyable, marketing your books is not always fun. It can be hard to find reputable promotion services which don’t cost a ton of money especially when starting out. The good news is that there is a free service that promotes your books and they generate results. Not everyone can get in, but Buck Books has risen to become one of the top promotion services for Kindle books.

Buck Books sends out daily emails and also posts a handful of books on their homepage for readers looking for deals on ebooks. Their service is quite popular and it’s hard to get listed on their promotions but you have to keep trying. You may have a better chance by giving several weeks notice of your book promotion. And also, they mainly promote $0.99 books so your book will have to be enrolled in KDP Select in order to run a $0.99 Countdown Deal.

Click here to see an example of what current book promotions look like on their homepage and maybe pick up some good deals on highly discounted books and book bundles!