My February 2013 Income Report

March 18, 2013 in Income Reports

Welcome to my 2nd ever Freelance Doodle income report! This is the place where I report how much I make each month through my various online projects. I post my income reports here so that I can keep track of my progress and so that I can look back and see how I’m doing over time. One of the purposes of this series of posts is to show the income possibilities without doing freelance gigs!

I have been generating small amounts of income online for about 2 years now but I really wanted to be able to have a record of how I’ve been doing. In the future, I think it will be really interesting to see where I started and where I will be years from now.

This month, there’s really not much new going on except that I added a new source of income from re-purposing existing content. I’m a big fan of re-using my content in creative ways because it cuts down on production time and costs. This new income stream is showing some promise and I think it’s going to become a long-term goal in my business. Keep reading to learn more!

Kindle Publishing

No new Kindle books were released this month. All I have are my first 3 books and they continue to sell a handful of copies every month. My first book remains the big seller with the others only selling about 1/4 as many. Because these books are related, I do cross promotion inside the beginning and end of the books by listing the other titles in each book. This month, sales are lower than last month but it’s still a good amount of money from work I did last year.

  • Total: $128.52
    • Last Month: $218.12
    • Difference: (-$89.50)

That isn’t a jaw-dropping number but like I said before, it is one of my most consistent earners. I’m currently looking into hiring a ghost-writer for my next book.

Amazon Associates

Typically, January and February are pretty slow months when it comes to Amazon Associates earnings for me. I haven’t done anything to promote Amazon products so there’s no surprise that there was no increase in commissions this month.

  • Total: $8.23
    • Last Month: $27.62
    • Difference: (-$19.39)

Amazon Associates is not really a priority for me but I like how it adds a little every month. Sometimes I’ll get the interest to write a couple of posts that promote products but for the most part, I just let it do it’s thing.


This month, I had one sale of my Clickbank product. I’ve been thinking of pulling the plug on this product but I usually can make a couple hundred dollars a year with it so I keep it around. I guess there’s no reason to get rid of it because I really don’t have to do anything to generate a little income from this.

  • Total: $42.00
    • Last Month: $0.00
    • Difference: (+$42.00)

At the end of January, I launched my 2nd Clickbank product. No sales of that product yet. I even built a bit of a sales funnel on my email list with this 2nd product but still no action yet. But I have decided that I will delete this product from Clickbank even though I already paid for the set-up fee. I’m actually moving this product to because I like how their system works for creating information courses. I wrote earlier about getting approved as a Premium Instructor at Udemy here.

Banner Ads

My Adsense earnings were lower than last month. I really think I can generate decent income but the Google search engine updates last year really hit the Adsense earnings hard.

  • Total: $47.93
    • Last Month: $61.83
    • Difference: (-$13.90)

I still need to figure out a new way to get backlinks and traffic to my sites. Everyone seems to be laying low when it comes to SEO advice for niche sites so I’m not really learning any new strategies at this time.

Google Affiliate Network

The only reason I’m signed up with the Google Affiliate Network is because the company whose products I was promoting switched from their own in-house affiliate program to the Google Affiliate Network. I had to do it because many months, I was making more than $100 from this company.

  • Total: $0.00
    • Last month: $0.00
    • Difference: ($0.00)

Ever since the Google algorithm updates last year, my earnings on the Google Affiliate Network have dropped to almost nothing. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to save my site that is using the Google Affiliate Network because Google also handed out a beautiful backlink penalty on this site because I used some taboo backlink strategies. How do I know this? I got an email from Google about my backlinks.

Createspace Publishing

This is a new source of income for me starting this month. Createspace is a subsidiary of Amazon and they produce ‘print-on-demand’ books. I had been reading about Createspace before but didn’t really think I’d do anything with it. But in January, I needed something to do so I decided to turn my Kindle ebooks into print books. I published these books in mid-February. It seems to have paid off because even after only a couple of weeks of being live on Amazon, I was able to make a little bit off the sales of physical books.

  • Total: $44.84
    • Last Month: N/A
    • Difference: N/A

This is almost as much as my Adsense earnings for this month. I’ve found that I really love being able to sell physical books online. What that means is I will be turning almost all my future Kindle books into print books as well! The great thing is that my Kindle ebooks and print books are linked so they share the reviews I got from the orginal Kindle book.


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for February for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $128.52
  • Amazon Associates: $8.23
  • Clickbank: $42.00
  • Banner Ads: $47.93
  • Google Affiliate Network: $0.00
  • Createspace: $44.84

Total this month: $271.52

  • Last month: $307.57
  • Difference: (-$36.05)

This month earnings per day: $8.76

  • Last month earnings per day: $9.93
  • Difference: (-$1.17)

Even with the addition of a new income stream from Createspace, I was not able to surpass last month’s total. However, I’ll keep working at increasing that total. Again, my goal is to hit $35 a day by the end of the year. I believe this is completely doable with the goals I’ve set for myself. At the moment, I’ve got a surge of energy in me to keep producing new products and new streams of income. I hope it doesn’t die out too soon. That’s it for this income report!

I will continue writing these reports while I feel comfortable revealing my numbers.