My First Udemy Course Is Live

April 5, 2013 in Goals, Udemy

Make money with UdemyRecently, I discovered a great new resource for online learning at They feature courses on multiple subjects taught through streaming video. I had taken a few classes myself and soon realized that Udemy is the platform for me to launch my own instructional courses! Keep reading to find out how you can get a huge discount on my course! Up until February, I’ve been launching courses/products with protected membership areas using the popular Profits Theme. Now Profits Theme is very versatile and makes it easy to create membership sites. It connects easily to various payment processors and email auto-responders. I use it with Clickbank and Aweber. However, there are some quirky things about that WordPress theme that causes me stress everytime I set it up.

But now that I’ve launched my first course on Udemy, I know that won’t be using Profits Theme again to sell virtual products. Udemy is so easy to set up and it’s free! So I’m proud to announce my first course offering. Drum roll please!


My first Udemy course is called How To Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers. This is a course that was born out of necessity. This year, I plan on publishing more Kindle books and I wanted a way to quickly build professional looking covers. I know there are lots of people that are doing the same so I decided to offer my templates to other Kindle authors and graphic designers.

Along with the templates, there are about 2 hours of video training where I explain in detail how to get the most out of every template. There are 6 templates total. All the templates are based on bestselling books on Amazon but are completely customizable so that they don’t look like the original.

Kindle Cover Factory Creator Montage

Currently, the templates are downloaded as a Photoshop Actions file which are installed right into Photoshop. Actions are a computer script which contain a recording of every click I performed while making the templates. It’s almost like having me on your computer creating the template in front of your eyes but faster. In fact, it only takes about 10 seconds to run an Action. I think in the future, I may upload the layered Photoshop files for those who are intimidated by Photoshop Actions. That way, students can just download the template without having to install the Actions. And that’s the great thing about Udemy, they allow you to upload supplemental files like PDF, MP3, PSD, etc.

Here’s what I like about teaching on Udemy:

  • Free account set up
  • Free video storage and hosting
  • Free video streaming
  • Automatic payments via Paypal
  • Google Analytics tracking for sales pages
  • Ability to email all subscribers of your course
  • Free file storage of supplemental materials
  • Great looking landing page
  • Ability to create unlimited coupons with expiration dates
  • Customer service provided by Udemy
  • No website or hosting fees needed

Udemy has near perfect features for anyone wanting to create video courses on a budget because it doesn’t cost a dime to get started! When I was using Clickbank, I had to pay $49.99 initially just to get my course into their system. Then if I wanted streaming video, I’d have to host my videos on Amazon S3 (I used private YouTube videos). There were just too many fees involve with setting up my own products.

Special Discount For Freelance Doodle Readers

If you check out the landing page, you can watch the intro video I created in After Effects and a few of the actual course videos I’ve left unlocked. And as a reader of Freelance Doodle, you can get my course for only $12 with the following coupon code:


It’s easy to redeem the coupon code on the course page. Just click on Redeem Coupon then enter the coupon code. The new price will show up immediately.

Join The Affiliate Program For My Course

You can also receive 50% from your referrals that lead to sales of How To Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers by joining the Udemy affiliate program. This is a great way to make extra money without having to create a product of your own! After you start making sales, Udemy will deposit your commissions right into your Paypal account. Sign up as an affiliate here. Please read all the details regarding the amount of commission you will receive.