My January 2013 Income Report

March 14, 2013 in Income Reports

Welcome to my first official income report! This is the place where I report how much I make each month through my various projects. I post these reports here so that I can keep track of my progress and so that I can look back and see how I’m doing over time. One of the purposes of this series is to show that you can make money with your freelance skills without doing freelance gigs!

I have been generating small amounts of income online for about 2 years now but I really wanted to be able to have a record of how I’ve been doing. In the future, I think it will be really interesting to see where I started and where I will be years from now. Let’s get started!

Kindle Publishing

Back in June or July of 2012, I published my first Kindle ebook. Before the end of 2012, I had a total of 3 Kindle books published. They were all in the same niche. This is an exciting new source of income where I do nothing else but watch the sales come in once the book goes on sale on Amazon.

The number of books I sell isn’t super high but it is currently one of my best passive income generating projects. I’ve realized that to increase my monthly income, I just have to publish more books! One thing of note is that while I enjoy seeing the sales trickle in, I do see people returning books too. I’m not worried about the returns. They usually range from zero to maybe 3 returns total in a month. That can be attributed to customers clicking the one click order button on Amazon by accident. Here’s my total sales for January:

Kindle Book Sales: $218.12

That isn’t a jaw-dropping number but like I said before, it is one of my most consistent earners. I’m currently looking into hiring a ghost-writer for my next book.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates affiliate program is what I used when I first started making money online. I still use it today. Although I only have one site that promotes Amazon products, the monthly income from this source varies widely! Some months, I’ll make less than $5, other months, it’ll be closer to $200.

Amazon Earnings: $27.62

This is one of the lower earning months for my Amazon account. However, I still keep it around because every little bit adds to the bottom line.


Right now, I have a couple of products I sell through Clickbank. In fact, I launched the 2nd product this month! Unfortunately, I haven’t made any sales of the 2nd product like I thought I would.

Clickbank Earnings: $0.00

Even my 1st product that I launched a year ago this month didn’t see any action. Again, Clickbank does earn me a small amount each year.

Banner Ads

My Adsense earnings aren’t anything to write home about either. Especially since I only have one site monetized with Adsense. Last year, I had probably 11 sites with Adsense ads on them but since all the Google algorithm updates last year, I decided to remove Adsense from all except the one site that is earning a decent amount of income. This one Adsense site was on it’s way up in earnings when the Google Exact Match Domain Update hit. Now it only earns about half of what it used to.

Banner Ad Earnings: $61.83

This one site has some potential but I need to figure out how to get more traffic to the site. This is all a learning process for me and I’m not an SEO expert.

Google Affiliate Network

The only reason I’m signed up with the Google Affiliate Network is because the company whose products I was promoting switched from their own in-house affiliate program to the Google Affiliate Network. I had to do it because many months, I was making more than $100 from this company. This was accomplished through one website but it was severely punished by the Google Penguin and Exact Match Domain updates last year.

Google Affiliate Network Earnings: $0.00

This one site is about a seasonal topic so I know sales can be slow in the winter months. But before the damage done by Google, I was still earning a little during the slow months. I will keep this around as long as it pays for the domain renewal cost.


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for January for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $218.12
  • Amazon Associates: $27.62
  • Clickbank: $0.00
  • Banner Ads: $61.83
  • Google Affiliate Network: $0.00

Total this month: $307.57

Earnings per day: $9.93

Not too bad in my book. I know my income is growing and I’m hitting the $300 mark more often now. My earnings per day are about 1/3 of where I want to be to reach my goal of $35/day by the end of the year. I have some new things I’m working on that will hopefully get me closer to my goal!

Hope you found my first income report entertaining! I will continue posting these reports as long as I feel comfortable revealing my numbers.