My January 2016 Income Report

February 10, 2016 in Income Reports

Monthly Income Report

It’s a new year and time for the first income report for 2016! I will try to keep these reports going but blogging is really the last thing I want to do these days. I’m trying to use my time more for projects that actually bring in some money.

In January, I started the 2nd book of a new series. It’s actually done right now. It just has to be uploaded to Amazon KDP. I’ve been procrastinating because I was missing the description for the book. Every day I wait means I could potentially be losing income especially when I have both the Kindle and Createspace versions ready.

In January, my iPhone app was finally approved by Apple. Bugs in the code kept the app in rejection status. A rejected app means I need to fix it and upload a new binary file. This takes a lot of time! Once I upload a new app for review, it takes about 7 days before a reviewer from Apple starts the review process. If it gets rejected again, it’s another week’s wait plus the time it takes me to fix the problem. That’s one of the reasons why this is probably the last app I will make. Not knowing how to code really puts a lot of stress on me when an app gets rejected. I can’t just fix it because I don’t know how. Minor stuff I can figure out but when it comes to errors based on updates to the iOS then I’m completely lost. So I present to you my last iPhone app called Ghost Camera: Paranormal Revelation:

Ghost Camera Paranormal Revelation


Am I Really Getting into Amazon FBA?

One more thing that I’m working on is getting into private label products with Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). I know it seems like I’m going after what’s popular in internet marketing but it’s something I definitely want to try. I have a steady source of income that I can use to buy inventory so I’m not worried about that. I have eliminated parts of my business that don’t produce much income so I can explore new ideas and projects. This Amazon FBA stuff will be slow to start. I’m researching products to sell but it’s a bit overwhelming right now. But I hope to have one product for sale on Amazon by summer of this year.

That’s about it for now. Let’s get to the income report!


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $113.22
  • Amazon Associates: $142.17
  • Banner Ads: $5.46
  • YouTube: $37.64
  • Createspace: $353.33
  • Udemy: $60.50
  • Linkshare: $15.00
  • Mobile Apps: $160.61
  • Template Sales: $7.00

Total this month: $880.08

  • Last month total: $1092.11
  • Difference: (-$212.03)

Total earnings per day: $28.38

Get Covers for Your Self-Published Books with Coupon Code

If you read my income reports regularly, you might have noticed where the majority of my income comes from. It’s from self-publishing! This has become one of the main areas I focus on these days. I’ve tried lots of different ways to make money online and publishing has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.

There are many reasons that self-publishing fits into my business plan but among the top reasons are:

  • Easy to write
  • Can hire writers
  • I can create covers myself
  • Little to no maintenance

While anybody can write a book and upload it to Amazon, creating an attractive book cover is not something that anyone can do. So I created a course on Udemy called How to Create Best-Selling Kindle Ebook Covers that shows you how to create eye-catching covers for your books. The course also includes 6 Photoshop templates that are easy to use. Almost all the elements are in these templates. You just have to turn on and off layer and type your info into them. You will have to provide your own stock images if you need imagery in the background but the videos in this course will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Regular price for this course is $47 but for readers of my site, use the coupon code COUPON24 to get the course for only $24! There is no expiration date on this code and you are free to share it with anyone. Click on the image below to redeem.


Each template has it’s own set of videos specifically made for each template. Just follow along and you will be able to create a beautiful cover in no time!

Click here to see the introduction video and to view the templates I’ve included with this course. There are over 110 students that have taken the course and has 5 star reviews for it. Please check it out if you publish or plan on publishing on the Kindle platform and don’t forget to use the code COUPON24 to get into this course for half off.