My March 2013 Income Report

April 8, 2013 in Income Reports

Welcome to my March 2013 income report! This is the place where I report how much I make each month through my various online projects. I post my income reports here so that I can keep track of my progress and so that I can look back and see how I’m doing over time.

In March, I made some good progress towards my goal of reaching $1000/month (or $35/day) by the end of the year. In this report, I’m excited to share details from my first full month of income from Createspace publishing, a platform that allows users to create print-on-demand books. If you read last month’s income report, you’d know that I only started publishing print books toward the end of February and only had a partial month to report.

In March, I made another addition to my income portfolio from teaching an online course on which I hope to grow as the year progresses. With that said, let’s get to the details!

Kindle Publishing

I didn’t publish any new Kindle books in March but I do manage to sell a handful of books every month. However, I do have another book I’m working on that I hope to release in April. I had this new book written by a ghostwriter I found on I didn’t ask the writer to format the book but it was delivered completely ready to upload to Amazon KDP. However, I wanted to make some of my own modifications to it before publishing. I will go into more details about that in another post. Here’s how I did with Kindle books in March.

  • Total: $175.85
    • Last Month: $128.52
    • Difference: (+$47.33)

A little improvement over February. And just so you know, I only have 3 Kindle books on the market right now. When I release my next book, hopefully that will keep my sales above $200. However, I’m going to have to change my promotion method because Amazon made some changes to their policy that directly affects Amazon Associates… The effect of this new policy will trickle down to publishers like me who use free promos to get sales started. You can read more about it here.

Amazon Associates

Typically, January and February are pretty slow months when it comes to Amazon Associates earnings. I haven’t done anything to promote Amazon products last month. The sales are coming from blog posts and product reviews I’ve published in the past.

  • Total: $38.50
    • Last Month: $8.23
    • Difference: (+$30.27)

I was able to get a slight increase from last month. Promoting Amazon products isn’t really a priority for me but I like how it adds a little every month.


Nothing happening with Clickbank sales this month. At this time, I’m not sure of the future of this income source. I’m starting to look at other places like Udemy to promote online courses. But I have a product on Clickbank that gets a few sales a year so there’s no need to eliminate it just yet.

  • Total: $0.00
    • Last Month: $42.00
    • Difference: (-$42.00)

I’m not surprised about having zero sales this month as this is the norm.

Banner Ads

My Adsense earnings were a bit higher than last month. I really think I can generate decent income but the Google search engine updates last year really hit my Adsense earnings hard.

  • Total: $79.99
    • Last Month: $47.93
    • Difference: (+$32.06)

Building niche websites is really not my favorite thing to do and Adsense isn’t a big earner for me but it remains a good addition to my monthly reports.

Google Affiliate Network

The only reason I’m signed up with the Google Affiliate Network is because the company whose products I was promoting switched from their own in-house affiliate program to the Google Affiliate Network. I had to switch because in many months, I was making more than $100 from this company. That is not the case anymore!

  • Total: $12.00
    • Last month: $0.00
    • Difference: (+$12.00)

Ever since the Google algorithm updates last year, my earnings on the Google Affiliate Network have dropped to almost nothing. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to save my site that is using the Google Affiliate Network because Google also handed out a backlink penalty on this site because I used some taboo backlinking strategies. How do I know this? I got an email from Google about my bad backlinks.


Createspace is owned by and they produce ‘print-on-demand’ books. I had been reading about Createspace before but didn’t really think I’d do anything with it. But in January, I needed something productive to do so I decided to turn my Kindle ebooks into print books. I published these books in mid-February. Now that I have a full month of Createspace sales, I see that I am going to have to make print versions of all my Kindle books.

  • Total: $163.05
    • Last Month: $44.84
    • Difference: (+$118.21)

The most amazing fact about Createspace is that I am selling Kindle ebooks and print books at a ratio of 1:1. That means, just as many people are buying Kindle books as they are my print books. This little discovery has almost doubled my publishing income!


Udemy was a a new source of income for me last month. Udemy is a website where anyone can sign up and become an online instructor. My first course is called How to Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers. It seems appropriate because I plan to increase the number of Kindle books I publish. I needed a way to quickly make good looking covers. The course includes the exact Photoshop files I use to make my covers.

  • Total: $28.10
    • Last Month: N/A
    • Difference: N/A

Using the templates from my course, I am able to make awesome looking Kindle ebook covers in less than 5 minutes! If you want to see the course and free videos, click here. Keep reading below for a discount coupon code.


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for February for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $128.52
  • Amazon Associates: $8.23
  • Clickbank: $42.00
  • Banner Ads: $47.93
  • Google Affiliate Network: $0.00
  • Createspace: $44.84
  • Udemy: $28.10

Total this month: $497.49

  • Last month: $271.52
  • Difference: (+$225.97)

This month earnings per day: $16.05

  • Last month earnings per day: $8.76
  • Difference: (+$7.29)

This was my highest earning month ever! I’m extremely happy that I’m making progress towards my annual goal.

What I Learned

The best discovery this month was how much print books are in demand! I also believe that having a print book show up alongside my Kindle books give more credibility to my titles. The mere fact that I sold just as many ebooks as I did print books really surprised me.

My Udemy course didn’t get very many sales but I did find out that having a coupon code helped generate some sales. I also learned the power of a deadline. I promoted the course on an email list and didn’t get any sales until the last 2 days of my promotion. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to do something like that with my subscribers and it worked!

And speaking of promotions, if you’re interested in my course How to Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers at a discount price, simply use this code:


You’ll be able to get the entire course for only $24! If you do take the course, please leave a review after you’ve had a chance to explore the templates.

That’s it for now. I never know if my income will be up or down each month but I’ll be sure to share all the details next month!