My May 2014 Income Report

June 24, 2014 in Income Reports

Monthly Income ReportWelcome to my May 2014 passive income report. After coming off a high from the last report, I didn’t break any records this month but I’m still holding firm at an income level that has been pretty consistent for the past 12 months. I can attribute this consistency to the diversification I have in the online assets I’ve created. When you read through the income report below, you’ll see that I’m generating my income from quite a few sources… and often each source has fluctuations every month. As you’ll see, I don’t have any one source that is producing astronomical results but if I had to say which type of asset is my best performer, I’d have to say it is my publishing business. Of course I have several books that have no sales and I’ll have to do better research to avoid spending time on books that fail.

All the other income sources are pretty much even but I’m currently working on increasing the number of apps I have in the app store. Currently 2 of my 4 apps are bringing in money and they were reskins of a source code I bought for $99. I am almost finished with my 5th iPhone app and it’s in final checks for spelling and screenshots before I submit to Apple for approval.

One thing I’m going to spend more time on is reskinning apps. From the results of those 2 simple apps, I can see how others are really raking it in with their reskins. The goal is to keep producing apps at a low cost by buying and reskinning quality source codes. I recently bought a Bingo source code to try out the gambling category in the app store. I will start reskinning that one soon.

New Udemy Course Launched

How to Create a Professional App Trailer Video CourseUdemy is also an area I want to grow in my business. But it takes a lot of time to create the video courses I feel are high enough quality for students to pay for. It takes me even more time to create my courses because all of them include template files related to the topic of the course. My latest course is no different.

My new course is called How to Create a Professional App Trailer Video. I made this course because I was needing a faster way to make app promotion videos. Because I have extensive knowledge of After Effects it was easy for me to build the template. This course is aimed at app reskinners because it follows the same workflow for reskinning an app. There are only 8 images that need to be modified/changed and they’re all stored in the “Resources” folder just like in an Xcode project.

But I didn’t stop at just the 1280×720 video, by knowing the ins and outs of After Effects, I added a feature where this template will generate 3 screenshots for iTunes Connect with no additional work! These are the screenshots that appear in the App Store when the app is live.

I currently have 3 more trailer templates finished but looking for time to create the video instructions for new Udemy courses.

I Got Mentioned on Venture Beat!

One last thing to note is that I discovered I was featured in an article on VentureBeat about independent app developers. I’m portrayed as a small independent developer just starting out with room to grow. My name isn’t directly in the article but it does mention my company called Walkabout Media, LLC. Take a look at the article here. It also helped generate a little spike in traffic to this site.

VentureBeat Article

That’s all I have to report and I’m sure you’re ready to see the numbers for May. Let’s get to it!

Kindle Publishing

  • Total: $97.25
    • Last Month: $144.34
    • Difference (-$47.09)

Amazon Associates

  • Total: $58.61
    • Last Month: $68.71
    • Difference: (-$10.10)

Banner Ads

  • Total: $42.14
    • Last Month: $42.79
    • Difference: (-$0.65)


  • Total: $63.62
    • Last Month: $63.26
    • Difference: (+$0.36)

Commission Junction

  • Total: $13.91
    • Last Month: $0.00
    • Difference: (+$13.91)

Createspace Publishing

  • Total: $183.75
    • Last Month: $183.75
    • Difference: ($0.00)


  • Total: $102.50
    • Last Month: $132.25
    • Difference: (-$29.75)


  • Total: $102.40
    • Last Month: $00.00
    • Difference: (+$102.40)

Mobile Apps

  • Total: $123.38
    • Last Month: $160.78
    • Difference: (-$37.40)

Template Sales

  • Total: $196.97
    • Last Month: $139.10
    • Difference: (+$57.87)


Here’s a snapshot of my totals for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $97.25
  • Amazon Associates: $58.61
  • Banner Ads: $42.14
  • YouTube: $63.62
  • Commission Junction: $13.19
  • Createspace: $183.75
  • Udemy: $102.50
  • Linkshare: $102.40
  • Mobile Apps: 123.38
  • Template Sales: $196.97

Total this month: $984.53

  • Last month total: $1171.50
  • Difference: (-$186.97)

Total earnings per day: $31.76

  • Last month earnings per day: $39.05
  • Difference: (-$7.29)


That’s it for now. See you next month!

How to Get Started Reskinning Apps

Since I don’t know how to program, I decided to get into the area of reskinning apps. The costs are much, much lower than developing an app from scratch. And I do it without hiring a developer or graphic designer. I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now and have 3 apps in the Apple app store.

The way I did it was buying source codes that have video courses that accompany them. This is the way to go when starting out! Since I had no idea what I was doing, the reskinning courses were perfect for me. I just finished my 4th app and feel pretty comfortable now. I still don’t know everything but I could not have done it without video instruction. In fact, I have to go back and watch the video tutorials every time I reskin those source codes.

My latest app Penguin Match is based on the popular Free Flow or Jelly Flow game. This one is called Jellow and it’s a fun and addicting game. The source code comes complete with video instruction and can be found here.

Jelly Flow App Source Code and Video Course for Reskinning

I knew I had to get this source code and reskin this app because I couldn’t put the game down after I started playing. I had to keep solving the puzzles and get to the next levels. This source code has 3 ad networks already built in for monetization… just replace the app IDs with yours. It also has 8 “In-App-Purchases” that range from $0.99 to $14.99 for more opportunities to make money. The videos tell you exactly what to do from the standpoint of someone who has never built an app before. It starts from the very beginning from setting up your accounts with Apple to setting up your devices for testing. You’ll be able to go from knowing nothing about app development to publishing your first app.

If you want an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to get into app development, the Jellow source code and video course is the method I recommend! The source code includes an unlimited license so you can develop this code over and over again with different themes with no additional fees. It’s a great way to try your hand at app development without breaking the bank.