My September 2013 Income Report

October 9, 2013 in Goals, Income Reports

Welcome to my September 2013 income report! This is where I total up how much I earn each month through my various online projects. I post my income reports here to keep track of my progress so I can look back and see how I’m doing on the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

A Very Productive Month!

Following a month where I did absolutely nothing on my business, I decided that I needed to make up for a complete month where I slacked off! So in September, I was back on track to create assets that will contribute to my overall future income. Most of these projects I work on don’t have an immediate impact on my income but they do grow over time. That’s why if you want to build an online business, patience is something you’re going to need a lot of!

App Development Delays

At the beginning of September, I was all set to get my Apple Developer’s License and start working on my iPhone app but it has been delayed. Not by me but by Apple and their partner Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). I wanted to register my account as a company but they could not verify some of the information from my company. You can read about all the email transactions I had with D&B here. I think I will be able to re-apply for the developer’s license the first week of October. As of right now, I’m still waiting for the my DUNS number situation to be resolved. I’ve spent almost $600 on a couple of source codes but haven’t done anything with them yet. October will be the month where I think I’ll finally make some progress with my app development goals.

Giving Nook Press A Real Run-Through

I published my first book on Nook Press a few months ago and I deemed the experience a complete failure! I think I’ve had a total of 3 sales at Barnes & Noble so far. So now that my most popular Kindle book is out of the KDP Select program, I’m able to port that title over to Nook Press. I figure that this popular book will also be a great seller at B&N. On the first day, I sold one copy. Hopefully as time goes on, sales of this title will grow like it did in the Kindle Store. I still don’t have a great way to promote Nook Books like I do with my Kindle books. But I do plan on converting all my current and future titles to Nook Press after their enrollment in KDP Select expires. I want to see if I can do at least as good as Kindle sales on the Nook. Using Nook Press is a great way to utilize existing content to bring in an extra stream of income.

Increasing My Production of YouTube Videos

About 3-4 months ago, I finally monetized my YouTube videos. I activated ads on most of my videos and then never really paid attention to it. Partly because I wasn’t able to figure out where to find the income statements for YouTube. However, last month, I figured it out and to my surprise, my YouTube earnings have been growing ever since I monetized. Right now, it’s actually bringing in more than most of my old niche sites without having to do much work!

So I went back and updated all my Income Reports with YouTube earnings. Luckily, it was only a few months worth of updating. But now I see that YouTube is a very viable source of income and it’s easy for me. Since I’m a professional video producer, it makes sense for me to create videos on YouTube. I’ll expand on this more in a future post but from now on, producing new YouTube videos is a monthly priority for me. In September, I produced and uploaded 4 videos. Here’s one of them:

I mainly produce How-To and Product Review videos. They’re unscripted and I can usually shoot and edit a finished video in just over an hour. Product reviews are actually the most popular. So now that I have several videos that have 10,000+ views, I want to leverage my statistics and find a source of products to review. So I will be looking into finding companies that will send me products to review. I can send them examples of the quality I’m able to achieve and hopefully that will give them confidence to trust in my videos.

Hiring My Next Writer

I finally started to do some research for my next Kindle book and I think I’ve found my next subject. So I put out an ad on Elance for a writer and have a bunch of proposals I need to go over. This time I’m hiring out for a 12,000 word book with a budget of $300. I received bids both above and below that number. The people that bid above $300 are the ones that want me to pay their Elance fees. I don’t have a problem with that as long as they write quality text.

A lot of people publish Kindle books with only about 5000 words. I’ve never liked the idea of short books like that. I feel like I’d be ripping people off if they bought a book that was that short. I always publish longer books because the customer gets more content and it allows me to convert my Kindle ebooks to print books on Createspace. I can only make print books with longer manuscripts. If you look at my previous income reports, you’ll see that my print books almost always outsell my Kindle books by quite a large margin. So if you’re not publishing print books in conjunction with Kindle, you’re missing out on potential sales!

With that said, let’s get to the income report!

Kindle Publishing

  • Total: $151.78
    • Last Month: $184.40
    • Difference (-$32.62)

Amazon Associates

  • Total: $44.40
    • Last Month: $27.95
    • Difference: (+$16.45)


  • Total: $42.48
    • Last Month: $0.00
    • Difference: (+$42.48)

Banner Ads

  • Total: $66.45
    • Last Month: $96.14
    • Difference: (-$29.69)


  • Total: $68.81
    • Last Month: $48.39
    • Difference: (+$20.42)

Commission Junction

  • Total: $1.00
    • Last month: $15.60
    • Difference: (-$14.60)

Createspace Publishing

  • Total: $269.45
    • Last Month: $322.41
    • Difference: (-$52.96)

Nook Press

  • Total: $5.18
    • Last Month: $5.18
    • Difference: ($0.00)


  • Total: $85.05
    • Last Month: $105.45
    • Difference: (-$20.45)


Here’s a snapshot of my September totals for easy reference.

  • Kindle Publishing: $151.78
  • Amazon Associates: $44.40
  • Clickbank: $42.48
  • Banner Ads: $66.45
  • YouTube: 68.81
  • Commission Junction: $1.00
  • Createspace: $269.45
  • Nook Press: $5.18
  • Udemy: $85.05

Total this month: $734.60

  • Last month total: $805.52
  • Difference: (-$70.92)

Total earnings per day: $24.49

  • Last month earnings per day: $25.99
  • Difference: (-$1.50)

Plans for the Rest of the Year?

September was a great month but lower than August. I’m a little bummed that I dropped below $800 but I’m working hard to make my goal of $1000/month by the end of the year. With only 3 months left in the year, I’m concentrating my work on developing my first iOS app. My real deadline is end of November so I can have an app ready for the Christmas season. However, with my strategy of reskinning apps, I believe I can realistically have 3 apps in the app store by the end of the year.

My Latest Udemy Course

I’m currently in production of my first iOS app. But even before I owned a Mac,  I took the first step by creating app icon templates for my apps early on. To help other developers or graphic designers, I created a course called How to Create Top Ranking Mobile App Icons that includes video tutorials and the exact icon templates I will be using for my apps.

How To Create Top Ranking Mobile App Icons

Click here to take a look at the promo video to see what this course is all about. The course is normally $97 but for Freelance Doodle readers, you can use the following coupon code to get this course for only $47:


Just copy and paste the coupon here and the discount will be applied immediately. You don’t have to be an app developer to take the course. If you’re a graphic designer, you can use the templates and training to start an icon design business!

That’s it for now. I never know if my income will be up or down but be sure to come back and get an update next month!