How To Add Page Numbers To A PDF Book For Createspace

March 22, 2013 in Createspace Publishing, Kindle Publishing, Self Publishing, Tutorials

Adding Page Numbers to PDF FileBack in January, I spent about 3 weeks painstakingly reformatting 3 of┬ámy Kindle books for the Createspace platform. For those of you who don’t know what Createspace is, it’s Amazon’s print-on-demand book service which allows anyone to publish printed books that can be sold on Amazon’s website. The best part is that publishing on Createspace is free so why not take advantage of this extra sales channel? It took a bit longer to finish reformatting my books than I thought. I also had to recreate my covers in 300dpi for print. When I was finished, I had one high-resolution JPEG image for my front and back cover and a PDF file for the content of the book.

As part of the review process before I actually publish my books and let people buy them, I ordered physical proofs. I won’t get into the editing of those proofs in this article but I do want to point out something I noticed when I had the actual printed book in my hands. There were no page numbers on the bottom of the pages. My content was created in Microsoft Word and getting page numbers to show up was not a problem, except they appeared on every page of the book. Something I didn’t want. I only wanted my page numbers to start where Chapter 1 starts. Not on copyright pages or the Table of Contents. After many Google searches and failed attempts, I decided to leave the page numbers off the book when Read the rest of this entry →