Amazon Kills Free Kindle eBook Marketing For Affiliates

April 1, 2013 in Kindle Publishing, Self Publishing

In this industry, the only constant is change! Last year, my business was hit hard with 2 major Google algorithm changes and now Amazon is getting on the bandwagon with changes of their own! As an independent publisher, I gave away books for free in planned promotions. I used this strategy to help increase the visibility of my books in the Amazon marketplace (although it was becoming less effective). To help me achieve large numbers of downloads for my free promotions, I used various sites that specifically promote or advertise free Kindle books. Well, that is now changing!

On February 21st, Amazon made an update to their Amazon Associates structure that directly affects owners of websites that promote free Kindle book giveaways. These website owners were using free books to drive traffic to Amazon in hopes of generating affiliate commissions for other products. Amazon’s new policy now penalizes their affiliates that promote too many free books. Affiliates will actually have their commissions taken away if they promote too many free Kindle books! Here’s an excerpt about the new policy: Read the rest of this entry →