How To Install Windows Mail On Windows 8 For POP And IMAP

April 30, 2013 in Tutorials

12 Windows Mail on Windows 8Recently, I replaced one of my home laptops with a new Acer Aspire V5 Ultrabook laptop. This laptop packs plenty of features including an LED backlit screen and keyboard, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and a touchscreen LCD with Windows 8. This is my first PC with Windows 8 and the touchscreen is a nice feature to have when using the Modern tile interface. The touchscreen is a bit awkward to use because of the physical keyboard below the screen. If this was a tablet, it’d be perfect.

Since this is my first experience with Windows 8, it took some time to get used to where things are and how this operating system works. I had to Google how to do simple things like how to turn off the laptop. It wasn’t very intuitive. But I’m past that now. Even the desktop interface has a few quirks that I’m still slowly getting used to. However, when it came to really putting this laptop to work and retiring my old Dell Studio 17, I ran into a few more issues.

Where Is Windows Mail?

One issue I ran into was getting my email on this laptop. Windows 8 comes with a Mail app in the tile interface. To set that up, I needed a Windows Live email account. I didn’t really want to do that but at the time, it was the only way I thought I could get mail on this computer. I didn’t have a current version of Outlook to install so I set up the Mail app. When I finally got it working, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. It was more like a web-based email client.¬†I was used to the interface in Outlook and Windows Mail. The Mail app is great if I was on tablet but again, this isn’t a tablet.

On my old laptop, I was using the Windows Mail program that came free with Windows Vista. I kept searching the hard drive but there was no Windows Mail program. The good news is that after about a week of searching the internet, I finally¬†found out how to get Windows Mail onto my Windows 8 laptop. Read the rest of this entry →