My Business Goals for 2013

March 10, 2013 in Goals

I’ve been meaning to launch Freelance Doodle since January but never got around to it until now. But since it’s still early in the year, I thought I’d start out with my goals for 2013 in my first post. After all, this site is meant to be a journal of my online business activities so I can go back over my notes and learn from what was successful and what was not.

Freelance Doodle

The reason why I didn’t get to building this site out was because I was preparing the launch of my 2nd virtual product. I had been working on and off of it for the past year and slowly it reached completion with a big effort to finish it at the end of 2012. I finally completed this project and launched it in mid-January. I’ve found that creating my own products is much more enjoyable than creating multiple niche websites. And this leads me to my goals for 2013.

Virtual Products

This year, I hope to create more virtual products to add to my portfolio. My previous products were built upon the Profits Theme platform which facilitates the creation of paid membership sites. Even though I’m an experienced WordPress user, I still have some trouble setting up this theme properly. I eventually figure it out but not without a lot of trial and error. And occasionally I’ll have a customer email me about a problem they’re having after payment. Even so, Profits Theme helps me link to Clickbank as my payment gateway and I really like that integration.

With that said, I have decided to move to a new hosted platform for my products. That platform is

Make money with Udemy

Udemy is a place where instructors can create free and paid online video courses. As a matter of fact, I just published my first Read the rest of this entry →