Download Royalty Free Music For YouTube Videos

October 25, 2013 in Tutorials, YouTube

Monetize YouTube ChannelsLast month, I decided that I was going to start increasing the number of videos I upload to YouTube. I mainly produce tutorials and product reviews. The problem I always had was finding free music to use in my videos without having to worry about copyright or paying fees. If you do a Google search for royalty free music, you’ll find lots of websites claiming “royalty free” and ‘free-to-use” music. However, most of them are not really free to use or they have some kind of copyright or attribution attached to them.

However, as I started going through my Video Manager on YouTube, I noticed a tab labelled “Creation Tools” towards the bottom of the left sidebar. Clicking into it reveals the new music library offered by YouTube where you can download free music to use in videos. I did a little research on this music and I think YouTube already offered royalty free music but this is the first time where you can actually download the tracks and store them on your computer.


The reason why I’m excited about the music found in YouTube’s Creation Tools is that I can use that music in videos I intend to monetize. I can’t monetize a YouTube video if the video contains copyrighted material I don’t own. I have had a few videos in the past I tried to monetize but YouTube was able to identify the music track and then ask me to provide proof that I either own or have permission to use that music before monetization would become active. These were tracks I believe I had rights to use as long as I attributed the composer or artist. Here are the Terms and Conditions for using the music: Read the rest of this entry →