How To Market Your Kindle Book And Generate Sales

July 1, 2013 in Createspace Publishing, Kindle Publishing

How to market your Kindle bookGetting a Kindle book written is easy. You can write it yourself or hire someone write it for you. I’ve done both. But getting people to buy your book is not so easy. This post isn’t about how to pick the right topic (although that is extremely important), instead I’ll focus on how to jump start sales of a freshly published Kindle book on Amazon. The method I’m going to talk about is the same method I’ve done for all my books. I’m going to use examples from my latest book to illustrate what I did to go from no sales to some sales. Notice that I didn’t say “from no sales to spectacular sales”. I’ve never experienced spectacular sales but my books do manage to maintain a certain sales volume month after month. This is nice because I’ve done all the work publishing the book and now it becomes another passive income generating asset in my business.

Promoting My Latest Book

So last month, I published a new Kindle book. I hired a freelancer on Elance back in February to write the book for me. When I got the completed book, it was great except that after a few days of reading it over, there were some things I needed changed. I paid the writer her fee because she did exactly what I described in my job posting. but I knew I needed to modify a few things before I was willing to publish it. So it took me a few months to get around to re-writing and taking all new photos myself. Finally the copy was how I wanted it.

Before I continue, you may or may not know that when I publish a Kindle book, I also publish a print version as well through Createspace for the reasons I stated here. So when I got my books approved on Amazon and Createspace, I was hoping for big sales. I did get 2 Kindle sales on the first day but from that point on, there were no sales at all! Both the Kindle and print versions were sitting there idle. Read the rest of this entry →